Draw something round

stone ballWell, I set myself a challenge with this!  The challenge was to draw something round.  We have a wonderful stone ball made of grey Kirkstone from the Lake District.  To stop it rolling about, we’ve propped it in a metal t-light holder that normally holds 3 t-lights.  This is what I’ve attempted to draw.


Drawn on cartridge paper with 6B graphite stick and much use of pencil eraser.




I’ve brought these buttons home from textiles class.  They may end up embelishing the doll/figure that I’ve been making.  She may make an appearance here one day – depending upon how shy she’s feeling.



This is painted across two pages of a sketchbook and scanned in two halves.  I’ve tried to find a way of stitching the two halves together, but can’t find a way to do it. 

This is painted in response to the EDM challenge to paint something green.

Draw a plug …

… Or even a phone charger.  I’ve posted this just to prove:

a) I’m still drawing every day, even when I’m feeling a bit rough after a sleepless night;

b) That I can (and do) do seriously rubbish drawings sometimes;

c) That a plug is a very difficult thing indeed to draw!  Moving swiftly on …


Another shoe


Encouraged by Ryan, I’ve been playing with more of my graphite pencils.  This was drawn mostly with 4B and a bit of HB.  I think I’ve still got a way to go to get the tonal differences right, but I’m making progress.




I had no idea how problematic a simple bowl could be.  How to get the top elipse right?  And in proportion with the body of the bowl?  And how to get the two sides of the bowl in balance with each other?