I had no idea how problematic a simple bowl could be.  How to get the top elipse right?  And in proportion with the body of the bowl?  And how to get the two sides of the bowl in balance with each other? 

10 thoughts on “Bowl

  1. Ellipses drive me nuts too. Constantly holding your drawing up to a mirror is one way of checking and fixing whatever’s going wrong. You’ve done a fine job here, though. The variations in the blue wash work really well!

  2. This looks fine to me. I need to start on this challenge…and now I’m warned 😉

  3. I like your bowl.The colors are great and I love the highlights and the reflection. I don’t see a problem with your ellipse, only a nice illustration.
    Well done

  4. You did a wonderful job on this. Ellipses can be a challenge and the only way to get them right is to keep doing them. Nice work.

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