Another shoe


Encouraged by Ryan, I’ve been playing with more of my graphite pencils.  This was drawn mostly with 4B and a bit of HB.  I think I’ve still got a way to go to get the tonal differences right, but I’m making progress.


8 thoughts on “Another shoe

  1. Nice, skilled work on the shoe. Pencil seems to have formed the foundation for a lot of artists when they moved on to other media.
    Have you seen the work of Ted Kautzky?

    He was a master of pencil “paintings” and watercolor.

    Works present, previous and recently added on 3/24/07, see “Recently Added paintings and sketches” at:

  2. Lovely shading! I think you have done really well with your lesson – lights-mediums-and darks clearly delineated….

  3. Great shoe with great shading! You’ve done a good job in showing the “wear” signs…I have a pair similar to these and I can’t describe how comfortable they are.
    Nice drawing.

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