Draw a plug …

… Or even a phone charger.  I’ve posted this just to prove:

a) I’m still drawing every day, even when I’m feeling a bit rough after a sleepless night;

b) That I can (and do) do seriously rubbish drawings sometimes;

c) That a plug is a very difficult thing indeed to draw!  Moving swiftly on …


5 thoughts on “Draw a plug …

  1. I am laughing, but of course at me as much as you! I think you did a very nice job here, these are drawings, not classical masterpeices. You have a nice hand, and your drawing is just right. Keep messing up like this and you’ll be an expert soon!

  2. Carole, you are being way too hard on yourself. These are perfectly respectable drawings and are very well done. Yes, they are hard to do becaue of all the angles, but you have done an excellent job. Get some sleep. I know how it is not to sleep and believe me, when you don’t sleep, everything looks skewed. These are really wonderful! Keep drawing!

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