Paper Bag

Colour BagB&W Bag

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Last week’s EDM challenge was to draw a paper bag.  Challenge was the right word!  I drew this in colour pencil.  When I scanned it, the scanner was still set to black and white.  I thought it looked much better in B&W, which is interesting.  I like the tonal values, but not the combination of the colours for some reason.  It’s interesting to see what you can learn by looking at a sketch in B&W.


8 thoughts on “Paper Bag

  1. Nice job on the bag! I like them both but prefer the one in colored pencil. You have shown lots of values here. Keep up the good work!

  2. Black and white for me, too. I really like that technique, anyway.
    Carole, your poem, “Salute” is wonderful, brought tears and such a peaceful setting, thank you for that! The metaphor of the falling leaves was very well done! A budding genius, you are!

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