Tree viewed through gate

tree through gateOur art project is ‘Fractured’ Landscape – in other words, the tutors don’t want a simple landscape painting or whatever; they want something where we have taken landscape as our starting point.  As part of our research, we are encouraged to fill our sketchbook with drawings from unusual viewpoints e.g. through doors, fences, etc.  This sketch of a tree viewed through a gate was taken from a photo.  I’ve gone back to ink simply to vary the medium I’m using.  If nothing else, it has given me some practice in drawing trees – something I find difficult to draw.  Betty Edwards in her book ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain‘ talks about how we learn a symbol system as a child, which can stop us from observing things as they really are.  I think trees are one of those areas where I have a symbol system – I mean, you just draw fractals, don’t you?  I need to learn to really observe how they grow.  My landscape sketches certainly are not great, but each one teaches me something new.

We also saw lambs today.  They are the best thing about spring.  I’ve tried to sketch this little one, but the sketches really are not fit to show, so here’s a picture instead.

lambHappy Easter!

7 thoughts on “Tree viewed through gate

  1. Effective and unusual angle! And your mark-making is noticeably more varied today. Have a great Easter, Carole.

  2. WHAT A UNIQUE perspective!! WELL WELL DONE!!!! I think sometimes some of the most unusual angles are so effective in helping us see in new ways. You’ve done this beautifully!

  3. Carole, your drawing is so good – so many really interesting shapes. Is this the final project or will you be working more on this idea?

  4. Thank you all!

    Casey – This is just a sketch for my preliminary research for the project. I will be doing a few more of different scenes from different viewpoints. We will then develop a couple of these into an A1 piece – and then fragment it again, before we decide on a composition for a final piece. So quite a long journey! I’ll be blogging my progress.

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