Mandy and Tiger

Mandy and Tiger

This is the start of an experimental series.  I wanted to do something to set up my own narratives, so I’ve used dolls and toys to create stories.   I’ve aimed for a deliberately illustrative type of drawing (ink and wash) to create a sense of ‘fairy tale’.  Very much work in progress, and lots more playing to do!

3 thoughts on “Mandy and Tiger

  1. Hi Carole,
    Another fascinating piece of work, and also wonderfully creepy. Each time I look at it my mind races off constructing a story about what’s going on. I also love the medium that you have chosen, you are right, it does immediately suggest to me that it’s a fairy tale. The colour also adds to this, I love the way that those tiger stripes flow down the sofa (bed?). It seems to be all about that tiger, and he seems so in control… In a good way or a bad way..?

  2. Hi Benita,
    I’m glad you see the potential for stories in it! I think it’s interesting how the tiger seems to come alive, whereas the doll is quite inert. Whether the Tiger is good or bad remains to be seen!

  3. you’re on the right track carole, this has a great illustratative quality…it tells the story all by itself, and I love the colours you’ve used. I hope you’ll take this series further?

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