Drawing from imagination

doll and crow version 1

Pencil in sketchbook.

This is a new and challenging exercise for me.  Usually, I find an image to paint or draw, and then work out what meanings can be read from it.  To try something different, I tried to think how to express an idea through drawing.  This is entirely done from imagination with no visual reference (can you tell?!)  It is the first part of a series which I am working on, exploring my reactions to fairy tales – and the role of the ‘princess’ in particular.

Related to this, I’ve rediscovered the old Ladybird Books ‘Well Loved Tales’.  I’ve managed to find a couple of these books which seem very familiar from my childhood – ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘The Princess and the Pea’.  Looking at them again, some of the illustrations are very familiar indeed, whilst others I can’t remember at all.  Obviously as a child, I had favourite pictures which I looked at again and again.  I plan to use this somehow – but I’m not sure how yet!

Soft sculpture and drawing practice

Remember ‘id’?  Well, I made another one.

‘id’ II

But what do you do with them?  I decided to use them for drawing practice.  Because I do a lot of my work from photographs, I need more experience drawing from life.  I did the following small sketches (about A5 size) using the dolls as still life models.  I used dip pen and indian ink, which forces me to focus on making an image using lines only, therefore thinking how to use a range of marks to suggest areas of tone.  I also drew them fairly quickly, and directly with the pen.

soft doll in ink 1soft doll in ink 2soft doll in ink 3soft doll in ink 4



Wax crayon in sketchbook.  I was concentrating on negative spaces and forms, and drew in blocks of colour rather than doing an outline drawing of the whole thing first.  Now that I’ve scanned it in, there are bits that look distinctly odd, but overall I quite like it.  I’m playing with children’s media – crayons, felt tips etc. to see what effects I can get (and to start playing again, as I’m still feeling a bit stuck.)