Whoops – I’ve been tagged

I’ve been tagged by Dave to tell seven secrets that most people don’t know about me.  Thanks, Dave!  This is going to take some thought.

1. I’ve started wearing my partner’s clothes.  No, really.  He was planning to throw out some perfectly good Levi 501’s, so I tried them on.  Rather embarassingly, they fit (he is tall and lean, that’s my excuse).  It’s just the 34 inch leg length that gives me a few problems.

2. I used to be in a pop group.  Well, a pop duo.  We both played keyboards, sang, and wrote and arranged our own songs.  We had a big gig once at a local pub.  The locals even clapped.  And we got an article in the local paper (the Sleaford Standard I think it was).   We called ourselves Tango, and the headline was ‘Pop duo thirsty for pop success’. Inspired journalism! (Tango was, and probably still is for all I know, a brand of fizzy drink.)

3. I have my hair cut about once every 18 months.  It’s getting rather long.

4. I collect margarine tubs – and other plastic pots that Rick would rather I put in the rubbish.  It’s a habit I’ve tried to give up in the past, and when we’ve moved house before, a large stack of them from the shed went to the tip.  But they can be so useful!  And whenever you need one, you can never find one …

5. I used to play the violin.  Fortunately for everyone involved, I gave up.

6. I actually like cabbage water.  And sometimes I crave spinach.  I’m a great believer that my body tells me what it needs.  Including Green and Blacks.

7. I usually go to bed at 9.30pm.  If I’m still up after that, I start to become incoherent and very grumpy.  Must be my age.

Phew.  That wasn’t so bad.

I tag:-

Ronell at AfricanTapestry.  Ronell does some beautifully loose and energetic watercolours and oil paintings, and accompanies them with a fascinating commentary.

Ryan at Bone and Shadow.  Ryan works in pencil and does the most incredibly sensitive drawings of all things to do with bones.

Demiurge – for a wonderful variety of crafts and all things creative.

Bit by Bit – for some stunning colour pencil illustrative work.

Mithi’s Journey – a record of Mithi’s journey from Foundation class to Illustrator, with some very interesting visual work.

Karen’s Creative Journey – daily paintings, mostly watercolor, all beautiful and with some very useful and generous commentary on how she’s tackled the paintings.  I learn from her all the time.

Martha’s Trumpetvine – some lovely loose watercolour sketches – a style I aspire to and never reach!

Apologies if you’ve already been tagged. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Whoops – I’ve been tagged

  1. Mmmm – you did keep that pop group quiet, didn’t you?

    Well – I have written my post. I haven’t had the nerve to press Submit yet. I think I need less secret secrets! I just don’t think I have any. Maybe better out than in?

    Argh – decisions!

  2. Oh, you’re famous!! I can say I know a popstar, how many people can say that!I’m also a listener to what my body tells me…most of the time, but cabbage water..I admire you for that one. Pleased to meet you Carole…looking forward to many more hours to get to know you through your art.

  3. Hey, I was in a pop group (or “band” as we preferred to call it) when I was a teenager too! We were called Paradox and played very pretentious rock. I played bass, so no one would notice when I played the wrong note! Never made it into the paper, though!

  4. Hi Carol, I linked to your blog from Ronell’s. It’s very interesting to read your 7 items….I especially like the pop group and margarine tubs. I like to collect those myself! I also was tagged recently and your mention of the violin reminded me that I once played the clarinet badly.

  5. oh dear, now I’ll have to get my brain to start up and think! 🙂 Will put my “tagged” secrets up when I post my next drawing tonight …. cheers Carol!

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