Sole-boundI’ve spent much of last week on our end of year exhibition, which is being held in Todmorden Unitarian church.  Whilst this is a rather unusual venue for an art exhibition, it has the advantage of being large enough to get everyone’s work into.  It is a beautiful church, now no longer used for services.  It is not the best venue to display paintings in, but it was a real celebration for everyone to have the opportunity to display their work.   The private view on Friday evening had a real buzz, and the church was probably fuller than it has been in a long time. 

Might I fall in?

Unitarian Church interior

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  1. Thank you, Ryan. Yes, it is a gorgeous church – quite ornate for a Unitarian building. The pillars are marble (or marble-clad) and there is a lot of fine stone carving. I’ve got another photo of the interior – I’ll add it to this post so you can see it.

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