Mummy’s Drawer

Finally here’s another painting.  I’ve photographed it at various stages for anyone who is interested.  It’s painted with water soluble oil paints on canvas.

mummy's drawer underpainting

The first stage was to put a very loose background wash on.  I like to keep it very wet and allow the drips to run, as this creates an interesting texture to work on top of.  I then drew an outline of the image using willow charcoal.  Memo to self: if I use something more permanent such as oil pastel or dark paint, then I can confidently let the lines show in the final painting.  The problem with charcoal is it does, of course, rub off!

mummy's drawer stage two

In the second stage, I started to add flat blocks of colour, and then worked darker tones into the still-wet paint.  I used a quick-drying water soluble oil medium to loosen up the paints.  It’s very sticky to use, but does help the flow of the paint.  I then let the whole thing dry.

mummy's drawer final painting

In the final stage, I created a dark glaze using the same medium, and used it to darken the areas at the top of the picture.  I also added some low-lights to the hair, and darkened some shadows.  The whole thing is very glossy due to the medium, and is still wet, so I’m afraid it’s not a great photo.

3 thoughts on “Mummy’s Drawer

  1. OH MY GOSh, Carole — so so precious! Such a wonderful composition and grand job on the painting! FABULOUS and touching series!!

  2. Thanks for posting this Carole, it’s really interesting to follow you along in the process. How do you like the water-soluble oils? That would be the only way I’d ever attempt oils I think.

  3. Thank you, Lin!

    Casey, The water soluble oils are fine. I’m using Artisan (Winsor and Newton). Although the water seems to go sort of ‘bitty’, it doesn’t come out on the painting at all. I’m not used to using normal oil paints, so I can’t compare them, but the water solubles do have a different quality entirely to acrylics in that they remain maleable to use. I like them, now that I’m getting used to them. And no smelly solvents needed at all! I’ve even managed to print with them.

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