3 thoughts on “‘Witness’

  1. Hi Carole,

    Another fascinating piece of work. I find that each time I look at it I must first look at the top left square, then the bottom right, and only then can I examine the top right and bottom left squares. It’s a very strange sensation. Wonder if the ‘Golden Section’ comes into that? And the colours and shapes remind me of Christmas, something bright and solid in the middle of all the different greys of this time of the year.

    Have a great Christmas Carole, I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work here in 2008. As a visitor to you website it feels like you’ve been on an incredible journey through your creativity during 2007.

    Wishing you health and creativity for the New Year.


  2. Hi Benita,

    I’m glad you find it interesting – thank you! I think it is the two smaller squares that set up the dynamic of the piece.

    It certainly has been quite an interesting year! I’ve been privileged to be able to focus more of my time on visual art.

    I hope all is well with you, your family and your writing. Have a great Christmas, and all the best for 2008!

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