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I’m currently working on a proposal for a site specific artwork to be sited within a school nature trail.  The nature trail came from a patch of school land that had been ignored for a number of years.  The current school caretaker took a look around it, and realised that over those years a number of wild species had taken up residence.  He proposed that the land could be turned into a community and education resource by turning it into a nature trail.  The project also includes raised beds and composting areas where the children and community can learn about growing food.

My proposal is to build a huge spider’s web (complete with spider) to help visitors see the site from a bug’s perspective.  The site is used for bug studies (amongst other things) and hopefully the piece may highlight the importance of these smaller creatures to the health of the soil.  Here’s how it might look.


5 thoughts on “Site specific project

  1. Will these be live spiders? Can you believe I studied Zoologly at university, because I do cringe a bit at all these creatures crawling all over no matter how important they are in nature. but I think it is a great idea, I don’t know of a place where it has been done before(outdoors)…Hope it works out and it would be great to see it. And good luck with the whole project

  2. Thank you both!

    No, the spider won’t be alive. I’d freak out if it was. I’m not very good with spiders. I’m planning to leave her legs loose though so that they ‘rustle’ in the breeze, giving the impression that she is alive. It’s all a very scary plan actually; I don’t know what’s got into me!

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