‘Red Slipper’ Painting

‘Red Slipper’ painting

Oil on canvas 2 x 2.5 ft

It’s funny how working with the same image again and again makes you really look at it.  The drawing on brown paper that I did yesterday suddenly looks hilarious – but yesterday I couldn’t see what was wrong with it.  I guess this shows the importance of time in the creative process – leave something alone for a while, and it will eventually tell you what needs doing next.  So that’s what I’ll do with this painting – leave it alone for a few days and it will either say ‘It’s OK, I’m finished!’ or ‘Get back to the drawing board’.  I wonder which it will be?

4 thoughts on “‘Red Slipper’ Painting

  1. You always choose the most touching, tender images, Kay! This is one that is so precious!!!!!! I LOVE all three studies though I think I’m partial to the brown paper bag for some reason … and red shoes — doesn’t every little girl dream of those magic slippers!!! GRAND job, cara!

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