Spiders web in progress

spiders web in progress

I have purchased string, and spent an afternoon in the sunshine building a spider’s web in the garden.  Those spiders are clever creatures you know.  You don’t catch them tying knots and wrestling with a needle and thread. 

closer view of spiders web in progress

3 thoughts on “Spiders web in progress

  1. When you said you were making a spiders web, I had in mind one of your delicate textile designs! I love your thought process – just hope R doesn’t get caught in it!!

    Have you ‘caught’ a frost on yet? Magical!

  2. Julie, I have warned Rick about it but he might get tangled up anyway. 🙂 No frost yet since I built it, but there’s some cold weather on it’s way!

  3. looking fab! have you ever watched one of them in action in real life? my other half and i watched one one evening for half an hour – it was completely mesmerising seeing them build their wonderful delicate structure …

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