Spiders Web progress

spiders web completed

It actually stopped raining today, so I grabbed the chance to finish spinning my Spider’s Web for my nature trail project.   I’m glad to get back inside again; my fingers are frozen!

6 thoughts on “Spiders Web progress

  1. What a neat thing to put together, Carol!!!! How will you use it?

    I also wanted to say how much I”m enjoying your doll series — Tigger is beautifully done too!!! My daughter in law loves POOH!!

  2. Hi Lin,

    The spider’s web is for a school nature trail. I will be stringing it along the top of some old cricket net supports, and putting a large spider on an adjacent drainpipe. The idea is to get the children thinking in the ‘bugs shoes’, imagining being as small as a bug. Hopefully it won’t scare them!

  3. Hello there Lin

    first time visitor to your blog. I am very impresses with this spiders web because I tried to make one myself for a printmaking project. Mine ended up being composed of far too many knots.

    Please would you let me know how have you constructed yours? Then maybe I could have another go. It was for a collagraph print. Did you use crochet or some such thing? You can see the final prints here

    fabulous work

    hope to hear from you

    (in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)

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