Ophelia sculpture

Ophelia sculpture

Ornate mirror, latex, plaster

This was the outcome of a course that I’ve just completed in ‘Casting for Sculpture’.  The hands are my own hands, with molds created from plaster and modroc, and then cast in latex.  The head was created by latexing a doll’s head several times to create a mold similar to those used in garden gnome kits (remember those?) and then cast in plaster.  The mirror came from a charity shop.  Ophelia refers to the character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, who fell in love with a Prince and then went mad when he rejected her, ultimately drowning herself.

2 thoughts on “Ophelia

  1. This reminds me of an installation at the old Satcchi gallery in the oil filled room where it was full of reflections.
    A little innerving as the face appears to be watching from above.

    You’re doing some really interesting art Carole – love it!!

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