Playing with masks

id with mask

id with mask

After the Hebden Bridge Parade, I’ve had the idea of making more masks.  I’ve been further inspired to do this by watching the progress of Thingumajig Theatre on their blog.  So here I’ve finally pulled out my sculpting materials and had a go at a doll-like mask.  I was working with modelling clay (like plastacine) rather than traditional clay, and it is rather horrible to use.  For my next ones, I’ll get hold of some proper ‘muddy’ clay which I much prefer working with.  This is papier  mache using brown paper (recycled packaging).  I’ve left it unpainted for now, as I quite like the colour and surface as it is.  Who knows quite where I’m going with this, but I’d like to keep playing.   Masks are quite interesting to me as a symbol of the way that people can wear different ‘masks’ or identities in the different areas of their life.

4 thoughts on “Playing with masks

  1. Carole – your recent work is so interesting! It’s been way too long since I had a look, and I’m very impressed. This one makes me slightly uncomfortable – and I think that’s a compliment!

  2. These latest works really sets the old brain cells whirring!! I find them more than a little discomforting! In line with your latest doll works….?

    What made you put the other one in a bag?

    Very intriguing!

  3. Hi Julie
    The bag was just ‘there’. I found it under the bed (it is the bag that Rick’s climbing harness came in and he doesn’t need it). It was just the right size – so I put the puppet in to see what it would look like. This is the kind of mad thing I do. The photo is quite different to real life – it actually looks quite womb-like.

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