Boy with bike – oil painting

Boy with bike oil painting

Boy with bike oil painting

Oil on canvas.  Much of this was painted by taking the paint back off to expose the canvas underneath – rather like using an eraser on a charcoal drawing.  I like the soft effect that this creates, consistent with an old faded photograph, or a fading memory.

4 thoughts on “Boy with bike – oil painting

  1. OH MY GRACIOUS!! Like an old sepia photos!! AWESOME job — the shadings on that bike are stunning!!! GLORIOUS work!!!!!!

  2. I like both your drawing and painting Carole. And I love your technique, especially allowing the lower part of the bicycle to “disappear” into the dark and the boy standing out in more light…his head and face sharper. great work! What did your client say, he/she must’ve been very happy?

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