Can you tell what it is yet?



Oil on Canvas
I enjoy looking at paintings that are a little bit ambiguous – where everything isn’t spelled out, and your eyes and imagination get to play with the image.  I aim to achieve this in my work, but sometimes it is difficult to know when I’ve given too much information, and when I’ve given too little.  So my question is – what do you see in this image?  Is it blindly obvious, or are you totally confused?

2 thoughts on “Can you tell what it is yet?

  1. Santa with a small girl – and a man in a tie behind him?

    Took a while to see anything realistic in it…

    What is it? – or maybe it’s best to keep us all looking!! (email me!!)

  2. To me it also looks like a santa with a littel dark haired girl and some figures in the dark background …maybe she’s confiding her christmas wish to him? I do love it!

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